Do You Let Things Slide?

Respect your efforts, respect yourself.
Self-respect leads to self-discipline.
When you have both under your belt, that’s real power.

—Clint Eastwood

Duff here. Obedience School was a real Treat for Me. But not so for Cousin Egbert. Although a quick study when trained at Home, He couldn’t even get admitted to the Academy. Some Commands, like fetch and roll over? He understood well. And He was rewarded with Treats, gaining about 3-4 pounds because of the Volume of Those Tasty Morsels. However. S.I.T. was His Nemesis. He was a busy Little Fellow, always on the go. Sit wasn’t even in Egbert’s Vocabulary. Living unstuck.

My experience at this Training was Quite Different. I easily learned those Requests, excelling as I did so! This continued . . . even to the Final Exam. Mom and I were to weave in and out between Other Dogs and Their Owners. We started out Just Fine. But after the Second Turn, The Instructor said, “Joan, that little Dog’s Front Paws have not touched the ground since You began.” Yes, She had a tight hold on that leash. The joke was on Mom. (F minus for Her.) Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You strong in Self-Discipline? Or do You let Things slide? I say: It depends. If It’s a lovely Summer Day? Gear down. That project will wait for You. But if there’s a Treat involved? You might reconsider and Hop to it! Way to go! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#obedience-school

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