Cousin Waldo and His Negotiating Style

Duff here. I am proud of My Cousin Waldo. I firmly believe He was born with the Gift of Diplomacy. As a little Fellow, He was captivating. Big Brown Eyes. A Gorgeous Coat of Fur, with Markings second to none. He was Handsome, with a Love for the ladies. He would sidle up to Them, play for a while, and quickly win Their Hearts. Yes, Waldo was the Big Deal. That’s living unstuck.

Above all, He was a Supreme Negotiator. Why, His size alone would give Him that Command Presence. With His head held high and Regal Tail? Who could refuse Him anything? Someone (I believe It was a Newspaper Reporter) snapped This photo, and captioned Him perfectly! And I’ll bet dollars to Doggie bones He got His treats. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You negotiate with the best of Them? Or do You come out on the Short End of the Stick? I say: Stand Your Ground. You gain Nothing by giving in immediately. That is unless You’re up against Cousin Waldo. Then You might consider a Truce. I sure would. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#negotiating

Due to my remarkable negotiating skills, I always get my way.


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