I wish there was a drive thru to pet puppies whenever you felt like it.


Duff here. I have the best of all Worlds. I get to go with Mom to work. (Yay Me!) I meet all Sorts of Interesting people every Day. And Connection is important. Talking is good. Some folks have deep Voices, while others talk in higher Notes. The phrase that consistently warms My heart? “Good Boy, Duff.” That’s living unstuck.

One of the Nicest Things to happen to Me? Have Folks pat Me on My head. Thanks to the Shi-Tzu genes in Me, I have silky soft Fur. And it’s curly thanks to My poodle ancestors. I hear sweet endearments as My Ears and Head get a rub. Really living unstuck.

How about You? With Social Distancing and All, are You missing those Soft Touches? Or are You just fine as Things are? I say: Reach out and Touch a Pup. Or a Kitty. Enjoy the Texture and Feel of Fur. The Object of Your Affection will appreciate it to no End. And You may be rewarded with a Lick or two. Perhaps even a Tail Wag. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#

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