The existence of post nut clarity and pre nut confusion implies that there is mid nut learning.


Duff here. We’re starting the Slide into the Holiday season. And I’ve noticed at this time of Year, People begin to get a bit Confused. Who goes to Which Home? And when? What Dish do You bring? Is it a non-stop Day? Or do We break it up into Chunks? There’s the Planning for trips. Kids and Their Friends. Packing everything. Hopping in the Car or driving to the Airport, and hoping You have everything with You. Living somewhat unstuck.

I, Myself, really don’t care. As long as there are Tasty Tidbits for Me? I’m good. And I share the Serenity with Mom. She was making Her Lists, and checking them Twice. Christmas seems to be in jeopardy this Year (I guess Santa lost His GPS and Rudolph went on Strike,) so Mom was getting wound up. She went through the Confusion part, then took a Look at Me. I was lounging in My Bed, and I reminded Her what fun it would be to Chill. So, the far away Gifts were ordered, and delightful Unusual gifts discovered for local Gifting. We made it through the Mid Nut Learning! I do love Post Nut Clarity. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You caught up in a Frenzy? Or have You connected and made some Plans? I say: The Latter is preferable. You can come chill out with Me. There’s always room for You. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#confusion

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