Duff here. On this Memorial Day, I contemplate resting in Comfort. Not difficult to Do, this Activity involves a number of Qualities: Safety, the Right temperature, A warm Bed (or sometimes not), a Designated amount of time to Close My eyes and let the World go by. Snacks are Optional. Yes, indeed. Definitely living unstuck.

Mom and I watch Jobs For Dogs every now and again. My goodness, these pooches work hard. A forensic Doberman mix who locates cadavers. A Golden Retriever, trained to be a hearing Dog for a Deaf Lady. A Border Collie who dances with her Mistress, Katie. Some fancy steps, I’ll tell you. But I’m Perfectly content with My Position as The Canine Executive Officer of Unstuck Living. Duff Courtney, Himself. That’s Me.

How about you? Are You happy in Your Job? If You’re retired, are You pleased with What You are Doing? Or is it Time for a Change? I say: Scan your Life. Weed out what’s unimportant. And what will never happen. Lighten the load. And Enjoy Your world. Bask in Comfort. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#comfort

A Salute and Heartfelt thank you to those who are Serving, Have served and who Gave that Ultimate Sacrifice that We might enjoy Freedom and Liberty.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

—Joseph Campbell

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