Celebrate Your Own Good Self

The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reels.

—Stephen Furtick

Duff photoDuff here. Yesterday I was considering Insecurity, with all its Ramifications. And I was thinking What it has taken to get Me where I am Today. I learned Manners. I made Friends. And I Avoided those who did not fit in My World. I Endeared myself to some, like Ashley, My groomer. (She picks Me up and Coos at me when I Arrive for My Hair Cut. Does your Beautician greet you Like that? I’ll bet not.) Now that’s really Living! But This Learning took Time and Effort. I am now a Fabulous Canine with a Wise Outlook of Life. I live unstuck.

To My Way of Thinking, the behind the scenes is What Counts. In My case, all of those Endeavors resulted One Particular Dog: Me. I don’t even Stop to Examine Myself in Contrast with Other Pooches. I may acknowledge them, or Not. I might even back off and give them First Dibs on Something Special. (The exception to that would be Nibbles and Treats. Hands Off, I say, for They are all Mine.) I Revel in Life, for I am Perfect as I am. At least, that’s what Mom says.

What about You? Are you Perusing the Behind the Scenes pictures, feeling less than adequate When you Think about the Contrast with other’s Highlight Reels? I say: Nonsense! Flush that Old Tape and Celebrate your own Good Self. You too have developed many Skills and Qualities throughout the years. LetThem Shine. I do, and I even Get Extra Treats. You might too. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#confidence

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