Canines Rule!

Duff here. Great Uncle Alexander was a Delightful Dalmatian. Fun loving. Warm and friendly. Devoted. He loved being with His Master. Nothing better than That! Outside. Inside. Next to His Foot as He read in His Chair. In the Car on Major Adventures to the grocery Store. Yes, indeed. Living unstuck.

Alexander also had the Courage to scoot over to His Master’s side of the Bed if the Occasion arrived. If His Master happened to leave (it could be only for a Moment) He slid and Slunk over to that warm Spot. And fell Deeply asleep. So sound asleep that His Owner could not waken Him. Off to the other Side of the Bed His Master would go. Canines rule! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You stand fast when It comes to Sleeping Arrangements? Or do You gracefully concede? I say: The Latter is a far better Strategy. Unless Your Pup is a Pipsqueak of 10 pounds like Me, You have a Massive Job on Your hands. Sweet dreams. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#canines-rule

Then they steal your bed.


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