Breakfast Upset

I don’t care how late it is. When I wake up, I’m eating breakfast.


Duff here. The usual Morning Routine goes like This. Mom and I get Up. She takes Me outside, then tucks Me in for a Post-Sleep Nap as She goes for Her walk. When She comes Back, She immediately fixes My Breakfast. And a Yummy Spread it is! I dive in and am a Happy Camper. Living unstuck.

Today? After Her Walk, Mom checked the Fridge and realized She didn’t have any lettuce. (She forgot It while shopping a few days before. Sigh.) So She gathered Me up, and off We went to the grocery Store. I was Fussy. Not impressed at All. By the time She returned to the Jeep, I had hopped over the Console and was braced against the Steering Wheel, barking like a Fiend. She whisked Me home and produced . . . Breakfast! That’s’ more like it. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You upset if Breakfast isn’t ready right away? Or do You chill out? I say: It’s okay to relax the Rules every now and Again. But I keep a Tight Rein on Mom. A Guy never knows if a Meal will be skipped. Dreadful! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#breakfast

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