Believe in Tomorrow

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

—Audrey Hepburn

Duff here. Tomorrow is such an elusive Thing. This time of Year, I watch Gardeners planting seeds and small Plants inside. These Wise People know better than to plant outside too soon, for My Town often gets a cold snap Right at the End of Winter. Poof! The seedlings are All Gone. Dreams of growth long passed. No produce for Summer. So discouraging. Not unstuck at all.

When I was a Puppy, I would aid in this Process. My Doggy Daddy grew Cherry tomatoes from little sprouts on the back Porch. When I could sneak out, I would carefully Put my paws on the Raised Bed. Then gently pull out each Newbie Plant, shaking off the Dirt as I did so. Did I get attention by Doing That? Oh yes! Am I speedy when Escaping? You bet! The problem was solved by My Dad Closing the Door to that Venue. Living unstuck at last.

Mother Nature brings new Growth each year. This Time around, it’s just in time to Celebrate Easter and Passover. New beginnings. Dreams for the future. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You believe in Tomorrow? Or is Life a little Dreary right now? I say: Picture a Very Small Puppy with a Fluffy Tail streaking out the door, being Chased by a Very Tall Doggy Daddy. (I was fleet of foot.) Remains of Tomato plants all over the Patio.  Probably made You Smile, didn’t I? Happy Easter, Happy Pesach to all. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#believe-in-tomorrow

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