Being Tickled

I like making myself laugh. It’s like being tickled.

—Linda Ashley

Duff here. The other day, a Friend of Mine was talking about making Herself laugh. She gets amused at the most Interesting Things: a Squirrel being chased up a tree, a Favored Dog wanting to Play, a funny Joke. More than Anything else, She laughs at the Nuances of Life. You know, those crazy Things that come up and appear to be Funny. Like Me, when I decide to take off, but am wrapped Up in My Blanket. The Furor. The Struggle. The Determination it takes! (And I’m nothing but Focused.) Mom laughs with Me as I laugh at Myself. Living unstuck.

The most Fun comes when Mom hasn’t paid Attention to Me for a while. As She waltzes by, I roll over and Lift My Hind leg. She strokes My haunches as She coos at Me. Then She tickles My Tummy. My Legs thrash as I smile at her, for this is Our Game. I suspect as She tickles Me, There’s a connected tickle inside Her. We both have a Grand Time and all is well. Life is not nearly So Serious. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You like to make Yourself laugh? Or is there no Time for Inside Play? I say: Make room for the Inner Playground. Get tickled about The Smallest of Things. Life is too Short to do Otherwise. I will be There to (Gently) Tickle the Inside You. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#make-yourself-laugh

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