Anesthesia and Me

Duff here. A bit ago, I had My Teeth cleaned. What lead up to This: A Friend of Mine leaned down to Talk to Me, and She found I had Dragon breath. Ewww. We found Someone who would work on Me. (I am such a delicate flower.) And hooked Up with a marvelous Veterinarian. We met and greeted. Then She gave Me some sleepy juice, and I was gone. Living unstuck?

After a few hours, Mom picked Me up. I was barking loudly to let Her know I was there. My Companions who had similar procedures were Bright and Chipper. But Me? My Front Paws kept sliding out from Underneath Me, My chin ending up on the ground. Most undignified. Mom picked Me up (the Assistant smiled as She suggested Mom stay with Smaller Dogs so She could easily carry Them) and off We went. I was groggy, so Mom fussed over Me for the next 24 hours, checking on Me every three minutes. (Sheesh! Can’t a Guy get some sleep?) By the next Day? Back to My usual fine form. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You come out of anesthesia easily? Or does it take a while? I say: Easy does it. You will get fussed over if the Gradual Return takes longer. That’s not all bad. But watch out for Those who have Sleepy Juice. Well, unless You need it. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#anesthesia

Anesthesia will never take the place of a clear conscience.


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