Ah, Shampoo

Accidentally used the dog’s shampoo but now I’m feeling like a good (girl.)


Duff here. I thoroughly enjoy My Bath. Mom gives Me one every Sunday, and I have such Fun. She lathers Me up, and We play with the Suds. Then (predictably!) I shake all over as We Canines do. Soap flies everywhere, including all over Mom. Her Hair. Her face. Her clothes. What a hilarious Diversion. Living unstuck.

After one of these Episodes, Mom was so drenched, She decided to take a shower. She shucked off Her Clothes, turned on the Shower, and lathered up Good. Unfortunately for Her, She got Soap in Her Eyes. Semi-blinded, She reached for the Shampoo. It was Mine! And She loved It. We’re Twinsies now, but I think My Fur is more handsome than Her Hair. Wouldn’t You agree? Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have One brand of Shampoo You favor? Or do You use Whatever is at Hand? I say: Be Adventurous. Look how Well it turned out for Mom. She tried Mine, and the Rest is History. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#shampoo

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