Absolute Trust

Duff here. Have You considered what it is to Trust? Well, the other day, I was pondering This Belief. Since I am a Very Small Dog, I depend on This Quality to navigate My World. I keep a Sharp Eye out, trusting People will not step on Me. I trust there will be Meals for Me. I have confidence that Mom will remember to take Me with Her. Once She was asked if She always took Me Everywhere. Mom paused to think. Then said, “Yes.” I, Myself, thought that was a Silly Question indeed. Of course, I go with Her. Unless I’m at Doggy Day Camp. But I digress. Living unstuck.

The ultimate in Faith is when Mom gathers Me up. Since I live only eight inches off the ground, that Height can be Dizzying. But I trust Mom has Me held securely in Her Arms. Times like when We dance at night before Bedtime. When I am lifted into the Jeep. When there are Puddles on Our Walks, for I don’t like Wet Paws. Yuck! That’s trust. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You Have Trust in Another Person? Or are You on a Solo Flight through Life? I say: Venture out a bit. Trust Your Neighbor. Your Friend. My Trust in Mom is absolute. The only Way to go. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#trust

Few delights can equal the one we trust utterly.

—George MacDonald

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