A Train of Thought

I’ve reached the age where my train of thought often leaves the station without me.


Duff here. The other day, Mom bustled over to the local mailing Place to mail those few Very important Packages for Christmas. Yes, They just came In, and needed to be sent back Out. (Kind of confusing to Me.) Her mind was still on Many Other Things when She came back to the Car, and pressed the Key Fob to unlock Our Chariot. Nothing. She tried again. Still nothing. Sigh. Her reasoning went: the Battery in the Fob probably died. Oh my! Not living unstuck.

She then looked inside the Jeep. And I was nowhere to be Found. Someone stole The Duff! That’s when She really moved into action! She got quite Anxious and Upset, To say the least. Then She calmed down and looked further. No familiar dreck in the Vehicle. She had the Wrong Car. When She arrived at Our Jeep, She gave Me Warm Greetings. (You’d think I’d gotten lost or Something.) Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You been caught up in the Holiday Hustle? Or are You calm and Collected? I say: Slow down. Take a deep Breath. Then take another sip of Air. Exhale slowly. And don’t lose Your Dog. Of course not. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#distracted-thoughts

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