A Surprise Visitor

Duff here. I was coming into Our Place from the Outside when a Surprise Visitor slid in behind Me. Why, it was Louie the Lizard! All 10 inches of Him, complete with a lovely Tail. He was tan and Gold in a diamond-like Pattern. We are Welcoming People, and wanted to greet Him properly, so Mom followed Him in. But Louie was quick . . . and clever. He headed for a Pile of empty grocery Bags. Mom carefully shook out each One, with no Success. He had disappeared. Not living unstuck.

Hospitality is the name of the Game. To serve Our Guest the best Delicacies We could, and Googled “what do lizards eat?” to be prepared for the meal. Our Friend, Linda, told Us Lizards are quite Friendly. She would catch Smaller Lizards in orange Groves when She was growing up. Once snared, She would flip the Creature over and rub Its Tummy, putting It into a hypnotic trance. The Lizard would lay quite still until He was released. Then scamper away to yet Another Adventure. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You occasionally had Surprise Visitors? Or all They all expected? I say: Take Them any way You can. We are still searching for Louie to entertain Him royally. When We find Him? Great celebrations as We do so. Then send Him to the Great Outdoors once again. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#surprise-visitor

Sometimes the best things in life come unexpected.

—Faith Sullivan

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