A Special Birthday

Happy birthday to Me!

—The Duff, Himself

The best part about (My) birthday is that (I) always end up getting good food and great cake.


Duff here. Tomorrow is My 14th birthday! And what a wonderful celebration Mom has planned for Me. I will have Special Walks. And lots of Petting and Pampering. Cooing and loving Words. And oh My! The food will be Delicious. I just know It. Fajita chicken, hot off the grill. It’s My Special day, after all. Living unstuck.

I know, Dear Reader, that You’re far away. But would You join in the celebration, any way You choose? Hamburgers. Or Doritos? (My favorite.) Or ice Cream? Or simply send Birthday Wishes to Me on This Post. I’d love It! Truly living unstuck. #unstuck-living#happy-birthday

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