A Smile

Duff here. I have all different Types of Friends. Each has a Unique Story. Their birth Story. The town They came from. Their family history. Their Likes and Dislikes. Their values. They have all held My Friendship as Gold, which is a Good Thing in My Opinion. We love to play. Romp around. Chase each Other. Munch snacks side by side. Stretch out for a Nap in the Sunshine. It’s a good life, I tell you. Living unstuck.

A particular favorite is Chester the Hedgehog. He is a good-natured fellow with a Sunny disposition. One of His Claims to Fame? He is the Mascot of Bobbin Lace Ladies, for He has prickles much like the Pins used to create real Lace patterns. He is also the Peacemaker of the Group. If there’s a dust-up? He’s the first one there to Smooth over the Fussing. An all-around good Guy. That’s Chester. Given all that’s going on in the World, Mom and I thought it fitting to Share His Picture to start Your Week off the right Way. Enjoy! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have Pictures of Friends or Loved Ones that make You feel good? Or are Your Walls bare? I say: Hunt up those Photos. Put them in strategic places where You’ll see Them often. That will brighten Your Day. Count on It. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#smiles

It’s your smile that fills my world with pleasure.


I agree wholeheartedly, Gentle Reader.

—The Duff

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