A Remorseful Pup

Duff here. Now from My Posts, You may think My Life is all Sweetness and Light. Never a Cloud in the sky. But not so. The other Day, I got a little full of Myself and Acted out. I was Something else, I tell You. And I thought I had gotten Away with it. The World didn’t end. No thunder and lightning. All was well, and I was living unstuck. (Or so I thought.)

A bit later, Mom caught up with Me. Hands on Hips, She looked sternly at Me as She said, “I’m so disappointed in You. You know better. You’re the Canine Executive Officer, the role model for Unstuck Living.” She shook Her head and turned away. My Ears and Tail went down. I slunk to My Corner and thought Things over. I was still somewhat defiant, but Could see Her Point. The first time I sidled up to Her, She asked if I was willing to behave. Nope. Not yet. But a few minutes later, I straightened up. My Sad Puppy Eyes won Her over. Living unstuck once again.

How about You? Do You overstep Your Bounds at times? Or live the perfect life? I say: Try for the latter. But if You do goof up, think it Over. Then apologize with Remorse. You might even get an extra Treat. (I did.) Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#remorse-and-regret

You either suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Pick a side.


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