A Positive Energy Trampoline

Duff here. As The Canine Executive Officer for Unstuck Living, I have many Responsibilities. I meet My Clients and Others at the Door, welcoming Them into the Office. I make sure They are Comfortable. Sometimes, I curl up within Sight to remind Them how to Relax. (It’s astounding to Me how Many have forgotten this Simple Pleasure.) Some I play with, for They enjoy My Silly Antics. I Puppy Growl and pounce. Total entertainment, that’s My Motto. Living unstuck.

One of My Talents? To use My Canine Intuition as to Who in the Room needs My Healing Energy. The other day, Mom and I had a family of Three come into the Office. I greeted them, took stock of the Situation, then moved to curl up next to the Young ‘Un. After a Moment, I reassessed what was Happening, and Curled up next to the Father. He needed My Positive Energy more than Anyone Else, and I was glad to give It. It rebounded and filled the room. Soon, My Clients were laughing and I was smiling My Doggy Smile. Job accomplished! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You radiate Positive Energy, bouncing It around a Group? Or do You keep it to Yourself? I say: Let the Warm Glow shine from Within! Radiate that Happy feeling and let It come back to You… multiplied. You won’t regret it. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#positive-energy-trampoline

Be a positive energy trampoline.
Absorb what you need and rebound more back.

—Dave Carolan

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