A Pat on the Head

Duff here. I had the Opportunity to be petted the other day. A Group of Children live close by My Home. They are 7 and younger, and ride Bikes a lot. Sometimes, They walk Their Dog, Duke. What do They do? Have Fun: playing, calling to each other, laughing. Just being Kids. Their Parents are very kind people, with boundless energy. (Enough to keep up with their active Tribe.) They all know how to live unstuck.

Whenever The Kids see Me, They run over to meet and greet. They always ask if They can pet Me, for They have good Manners. Being smaller people Themselves, They understand what It’s like to navigate in a world of Big Folks. Mom gathers Me up so I can see Them. (I’m really short.) Then, let the petting begin! Very gently, those little hands stroke My head. My Body. Sometimes My silky Ears. I sigh deeply, for I enjoy the Touch and Attention. Then They’re off on another adventure. Living unstuck.

How about You? After asking permission, do You hug another? (Or pet a particularly cute Canine?) Or do You stay in Your Own Shell? I say: Venture out. A little Touch of encouragement can do wonders. I have heard every Human needs at least eight hugs a day. In My opinion, You give as much as You get. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

—Henri Matisse

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