A New Eating Plan

Duff here. Over the weekend, Mom got the Great Idea to change up My eating plan. I thought I was doing just Fine. But Nooo! Mom is doing Different with what She chooses to eat. This new resolve Spilled over to Me and My Habits. She shopped. She Cooked. All day. Our Place smelled delightful, filled with the scent of Chicken. My mouth was Watering, and I was pacing around the Living Room. She would feed Me tidbits along the Way to tide Me over. Well, You know how it Goes. Living unstuck.

She thought She’d get fancy, and added Green beans and Carrots to the Mix. (She knew better than to slip in some Peas. Yuck!) By the time dinner rolled around, I was hungry enough to eat Anything. Well, just about Anything. I began by pulling out the carrots (Exhibit A.) Next? The Beans. I knew Mom would cave. So tonight? Back to a mix of My Fav meal and the new Stuff. I’ll keep You posted. Living unstuck.

How about You? Does a Loved One decide it’s time to shape Up Your eating Plan? Or do You do it on Your own? I say: If Your Beloved decides it’s time to change, have Them ask you about It first. Saves time and energy, and Keeps Everyone happy. At least, that’s My Take on the situation. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#diets

Carrots are a great thing to eat if you are hungry and want to stay that way.


I agree.

—The Duff

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