A Life is Never Ended

A life is never ended until all the lives it has touched have ended too.

—Chinese proverb

Duff here. When I consider This Saying, My mind is Boggled. I Feel I have affected many People throughout My Lifetime. Some are children, with Their playful Ways and Happy Giggles. I like to Connect with them, for They understand the meaning of Frolicking. Others I greet Because I get Curious. It may be A Scent that pulls Me Their way. Or a Feeling I have. Or perhaps They have a Treat for Me. (Yum.) That’s unstuck.

Then, there are My Clients. I do have an Important Job as The Canine Executive Officer. And the responsibilities can be Serious at times. There are Those who need consoling. And I can easily Do That. Others may have forgotten how to Relax. I can Demo that with the Best of Them. And There are still others who Need the Comfort of a Warm Doggie Body to help move past Their Fears. That’s My specialty. Living unstuck.

Can you imagine All the Lives You have touched? Think Back over those Cherished Memories. The Folks in those Recollections were influenced By You in some Way. You were Important to them. I say: Pay kind attention to People as You travel through Life. You never Know what Long lasting effects You will have. I know this to be True. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#touching-lives

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