A Happy Face

Duff here. Cousin Leo was a Kindly Sort. Beautiful big Brown Eyes. His fur was Silky and Smooth, and He had a friendly Disposition. His favorite Game of all Time? Playing fetch. When My Mom visited Him (along with His Family,) She tossed a Toy His direction. Fast as fast could be, He gathered It up and brought It back. Over and over . . . and Over again. They had the Funnest Time! Leo was also good at fetching the Newspaper. He would carefully mouth the Pages. Then, wagging His tail, would bring it to His Master. Both were Overjoyed at His Skill! Living unstuck.

One of the highlights of Leo’s Day was to wake His Charges. His Master caught a picture of Him patiently waiting by the Side of The Bed, seeming to ask: will You ever wake up? Then took a picture of the Joy that spread over His Face when His People opened Their Eyes. The Happy Doggy Smile. The Light in His Eyes. Ears perked up, ready for the Day’s Happenings. Who could resist the Heartwarming experience of That exuberance and Cheer? I sure couldn’t, and don’t think You could either. All part of living unstuck.

How about You? Do You start Your Day with Delight and Wonder? Or are You Mr. Grumpy? I say: Think of Leo and start Your Day with a Happy Attitude and Twinkly Eyes. Keep Leo’s Delight at the Side of the Bed in mind . . . and be like that. You’ll not regret it! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#happy-faces

Because of the dog’s joyfulness, our own is increased.
It is no small gift.

—Mary Oliver

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