A Doggie Burrito

Duff here. As You know. I love My Winter Playground. So different from Fall. And Spring. And Summer. The Chill in the Air makes Me grateful for My Lovely Coat. It serves to Keep Me warm. I feel sorry for Mom, Pulling on Vests, jackets, Her Hoodie. Then there’s the Hat and Muffler. I come fully equipped just as I am. Living unstuck.

But then there’s Coming back Inside. Getting a Drink of Water to refresh after all that Play. And rolling Myself into a Doggy Burrito. Ah, such a Luxury. So Cozy and warm. I do this Quicker than a Minute, while Mom sheds all of Her Outer Gear. She carefully hangs It up. For when I decide It’s time to venture Out once again, She’s ready. I’m in charge, You know. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You hunker down after You’ve been outside in the Cold? Or do You keep on Moving? I say: Take a moment and Snuggle in. Even better if You have a Four-legged Fur Baby like Me. Mom agrees! Curl up alone as I do as a Doggy Burrito, or Nestle together. It’s all good. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#warm-snuggles

The snuggle is real once the winter cold settles in for the season.


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