A Dog is Magic


Duff here. My personal opinion? A Dog is Magic. I am an Ambassador of Happiness. When We meet People, I am ecstatic. If Mom needs cheering up, I’m right there to offer Comfort. Snuggling is What I do best. Living unstuck.

But I also teach Mom things. Being attentive to Me? Oh yes. She has learned to look at Me when She addresses Me. I also notice Mom’s Tone of Voice and Her facial Expression, for My lead for Our Relationship comes from Our Connection. (I think the same goes for Humans, too.) We do very Well when She follows This Understanding. Those Facebook videos of Owners engrossed in Their electronic Gizmos when We Canines are begging for Attention? Not living unstuck at all.

I instruct Mom in Patience. Mom knows this well. The First walk of the day is Not Just a Morning Walk. Now, I’m sure some Canines will Power Walk through Life. But to Me, They’re missing all the Fun. I love to stop. And Sniff. And Stare. And Listen. And yes, Saunter occasionally. Patience. That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You appreciative of Your Dog? Or Cat? Or Gerbil? What do They teach You? I say: Watch and learn. You’ll be Better off for It. #unstuck-living#a-dog-is-magic

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

—J.W. Stephens

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