A Disappearing Act?

The truth is, the fear doesn’t go away.
Life is the dance of feeling the fear, but doing it anyway.


Duff here. I never know where People might go when They Enter the Office Powder room. They go into that Small Room. And close the Door. I listen intently, hearing the sound of assorted Noises. Very curious indeed. But I’m never convinced They will return. They might Disappear. So I curl up, Right outside the Entrance. Or at the End of the Hall. And wait. Finally, the Door opens, and Off We go. Living unstuck.

I have Reconnoitered this Small area and have never found anything of interest. Regular tiled Floor. A cabinet. A wastebasket. A sizable White porcelain Gizmo that flushes. And no Other Exit. But I never know for Sure, so I Wait, secure in the Knowledge They will probably return. Just as They always have. Living unstuck.

How about You? Been in a Situation where Things happened in a Certain Way, but Then . . . You weren’t really certain. Perhaps it’s trying the Front Door to be Sure It is locked. Or Checking that Your keys are in Their Proper Place. I say: Better safe than Sorry. Take a gander to ease Your Mind. Or do as I do, and Place Yourself where a Person cannot miss You. It’s all part of Life. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#disappearing-act

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