A Cowboy’s Words to Live By

Duff here. Once, I had the good Fortune to meet Ronnie Braswell. He didn’t allow Canines in His real estate office. But on a sneak visit with His Office Manager, there I was, caught in the Act. We met and greeted, and He agreed that for a Very Small Canine? I was tolerable. That made My day! I jumped. I twirled. I was quiet though, for Mom cautioned Me to be on My Best behavior. And I was. Living unstuck.

Ronnie had a bookmark of Words To Live By, highlighted by a Cowboy and His Horse, and I wanted to share Them with You. Since Dogs don’t read. Mom reads Them and other captivating stories to Me every Day. (I especially like the ones about Smaller Dogs.) We both compliment People every day, in Word and Deed. And after last Year? Change is Our middle name. Another important One is to have a sense of Gratitude. And as You know, I’m most grateful for tidbits. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have Words to Live By? Or do You need to borrow some? I’d suggest Ronnie’s, for They have done well by Me. Unfortunately, He is no longer with Us. But I honor His Memory by living up to His Words every day. And You can too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#words-to-live-by

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