A Break for Santa

Duff here. I had the Good Fortune to share some Christmas Joy and laughter with Santa and His Elves. When I first encountered Them, They were working hard to make Toys and Gifts for all the good little Girls and Boys in the World. They put in the Time, I tell you. Slaving over the Exact right Gift for Suzy. Would Johnny like a Toy Train? Or a Bicycle? Decisions, decisions! Living unstuck.

After a time, Santa decided it was time to take a Break. He was growing weary of making all these Choices. Mrs. Claus noticed It was keeping Him up at night. So, She suggested a Change of Venue. She and I test-drove the Sleigh (necessary for preventive maintenance, You know!) and took Santa and His Cohorts to the Frozen Pond. And let Them out to do some Serious Skating. They had such Fun! And after the Break? They were ready to Work some more. That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You hyper-focused on Christmas and all the Trimmings? Or do You reward Yourself with a Break or Two? I say: Downtime is Good. I have even been known to Nap occasionally during this Frenzy. It’s enough to wear a Fellow out! And what follows is renewed Energy and Excitement. You might try It too. Works every Time. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#downtime

I’m taking a well-deserved break from the
exhausting job of being fabulous.


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