A Better Life for Me

I work hard so my dog can have a better life.

Wall Plaque, White Mountain Purified Water and Ice

Duff here. Mom spotted this Wall Plaque in White Mountain Purified Water and Ice, and immediately thought of Me. I must admit: I have the Best of the Best in Life. I have a Fabulous Bed. I have a Carrier for Safety during Thunderstorms. (Or when I decide to act Up and need a Time Out. It happens, you know.) I am fed Treats and Chicken, along with My regular Dog food. This meal is Topped Off with a bit of Pumpkin and some Things to Keep Me Going. All living unstuck.

I draw the Line at Jackets, though. As You well remember… I buck like a Pony when One is put on Me. A Predecessor of Mine, Snoop Doggy Dog, would stand absolutely still if She had a sweater on. She would not Move (at all.) Perhaps The article of Clothing made Her perspire. Hmm… Mom had no Better Luck with Her than with Me. Curious. Living unstuck.

How about You? Is Someone working hard so You can have a Wonderful Life? Or do You have to Accomplish this On Your Own? I say: Go for It. Mom and I have Fun at Work. I think My Clients do too. But more than That, I am grateful to Mom for providing a Better Life. It’s a Grand World! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#

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