A Balancing Act

Duff here. I love life’s challenges, particularly when I do a Balancing Act in the Car. As You will remember, I often bounce from the Front Seat to the Back Seat. And then back to the Front. This activity keeps me Young and Limber. When convenient, I’m curled up on Mom’s lap. That’s living unstuck.

The challenge comes when I balance on the Console next to Mom. I have gotten used to Our Pattern. On the way to Work, We make a right hand turn into the street to get to the Post Office. If I am prepared, I peremptorily move into the back Seat. Safe and secure. But there are times when I am surveying My Kingdom. Here’s the Turn, and there I go, on My back to Mom’s left side, pinned to the Car door. Most undignified, because all four paws are in the Air, waving about as I struggle mightily to Right Myself. Mom stifles a Giggle (Good thinking,) and helps Me get turned around. Finally living unstuck.

How about You? Are You always Balanced? Or do you need a bit of Support? I say: Ask for the help and accept It graciously. I have found Mom forgets My Embarrassing Times and loves Me anyway. I think You’ll discover that too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#balancing-in-life

Life is like a balancing act.

—Melissa Roth

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